Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Mission district is one of San Francisco's most colourful neighbourhoods: al pastor tacos or a super burrito to fill you for the day at one of many taquerias, bustling Latin American fruit markets, cavernous thrift stores and dollar stores, dusty diners, side streets of bright painted fairy tale houses, the chiming song of the ice cream man, pupusas stuffed with beans and cheese, a man in a powder blue suit strolling by with a parrot on his shoulder, cardamom ice cream, maple-apple-bacon donuts, Mexican fabric shops and hair salons, boys with slicked hair and baggy pants jostling with each other at the 24th St. BART station, the oasis of Dolores Park, steep narrow stairways leading to cheap rooms with bleary eyed men stumbling down in the morning, Ethiopian Thai Indian Middle Eastern French whatever kind of food you crave, and murals everywhere, everywhere- alleyways, fences, doors, mailboxes, are some of the murals from Balmy and Clarion Alleys.....

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