Friday, September 10, 2010

Water 'n Trees

Want to go on a San Francisco stroll where you will basically encounter water and trees?  You can walk for a long stretch along Ocean Beach skirting the waves of the chilly Pacific.  If you go in the morning you might see some people walking their dogs, someone fishing, a surfer.  Cross over the Great Highway, then you can meander along a trail in Golden Gate Park which until 1870 was just wind-blasted sand dunes and is now a bucolic park covering over a thousand acres.  While there you can go to a museum, have a Japanese tea, go to a concert, or just simply wander among the trees.  At Stanyan Street you can continue for about another mile along a path in the Panhandle, a strip of grass and trees hemmed by Victorian houses where in the 60s the Diggers used to feed the hungry hordes that descended on Haight Ashbury.  You will probably see some joggers, maybe someone strumming a guitar or crawling out of their makeshift tent to greet the day.  All in the middle of the city.

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