Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Old, Weird America

Saw Greil Marcus recently at Booksmith in Haight Ashbury discussing his book "The Old, Weird America"- a rich literary stew of American folk music, history, myth and mystery, casting light and throwing shadows and digging deep into the music of Bob Dylan and The Band's basement tapes.

After (or before) reading it you will want to search for a copy of "A Tree With Roots", a bootleg 4 CD set that includes different versions of the songs on the official "Basement Tapes" release plus lots of other ballads, covers, rockers and originals.  For instance the traditional ballad "Young But Daily Growing."

And listen to the fun they have with Bobby Charles' classic "See You Later, Alligator."

Some more stuff if you are a Dylan fan.  Here is a ten minute clip of Greil Marcus discussing Dylan and The Band at Pegasus Books in Berkeley:

And now you will probably enjoy hearing this:

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