Saturday, May 14, 2011

All Over Coffee

Chimney pots, church steeples, rainy day coffeeshops, Victorian curlicues, hydro wire calligraphy..... Paul Madonna's All Over Coffee captures these urban details in drawings juxtaposed with observations and snippets of conversation.  His work runs every Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle and in 2007 City Lights published selected strips in a book.  After reading it once through it's a book you can go back to again and again, just randomly flipping through the pages, akin to aimlessly wandering the streets for a while with your eyes and ears and mind wide open.  All Over Coffee is like a bunch of perfect distillations of that particular state.

His second collection, Everything Is Its Own Reward, was published this month.  I can't wait to go to City Lights and get a copy and just get absorbed in it.  If you want to see some of the strips from the Chronicle click on all over coffee under San Francisco Links on the right.

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