Wednesday, December 14, 2011


At the beginning of the 1900s the Sunset was just sand dunes.  Today there are streets of tiny houses painted pastel shades, lots of restaurant choices from old diners to inventive Asian.  Take a walk along Irving and you'll find a dive bar next to a dry cleaner next to a Russian grocery store next to a hookah pipe cafe.  A few more blocks and you'll be at the ocean.


  1. I love these photos Krista - especially the chairs in front of the shop with the silver tea set in the window! (Is that the Russian Tea Shop?)
    I'm surprised to see the beach so empty (beautiful!!) is it because the water/weather is so cold now? I still would expected more walkers out and about it's reaches.
    Sarah B.

  2. Also, the pink church is phenomenal. Is that a school ground in the foreground?